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for a Confidence Culture.

Every business should have a culture of confidence, from their employees to their customers that comes from inhabiting a clean, safe environment. 


One where everyone can interact, thrive and relax.


To establish this culture, we always follow three principles:



  • CLEAN 


Collaboratively they form a unique cleaning plan that brings the best out of any space.


We call it ConfidenceClean.


Feel more confident in delivering a 5 * service.

From our years in the hospitality industry, we know the challenges commercial kitchen operators face in maintaining the highest hygiene standards.


Recently the huge shift in consumer trends towards delivery services, with the resulting requirements for top-scoring EHO audits, the platforms have set making cleaning and safety more important than ever. We deliver cleaning solutions that give you confidence. 


Feel more confident from back to front of house.

Whether you’re a food hall, restaurant, bar or commercial kitchens, LemonTree brings a unique understanding of your business because of our years working in hospitality and leisure.  


Whether you require a deep clean, or a regular clean, we bring both experience and confidence to our cleaning.


Feel more confident in your fresh start.

Keeping your team motivated to succeed is a constant challenge. 


We believe that this starts with producing a clean and safe workspace that inspires everybody to be at their best.

If you have conventional office, co-working or retail space, LemonTree is here to help you create a professional environment to wow clients and give your employees a workplace that they can be proud of.


We Serve

Hailey Riley - Property Manager 

I found Lemon Tree to be extremely professional from start to finish. They were very thorough, taking the time to understand the requirements of our business and ensuring that every detail was covered. The standard of their work was exceptional.​

LemonTree is a cleaning company that doesn’t just clean. 

We leave something important behind. 




Peace of Mind. 




From deep cleaning, to daily contract cleaning, we’re dedicated to creating and maintaining clean, safe and welcoming spaces where anyone can feel at ease. 


At LemonTree, we’re confident that if the world is a cleaner place, it’s a better place.

LemonTree® is ready to make your environment a more confident place to work, rest or play.

For a FREE QUOTE on ConfidenceClean service or any other enquiries, please complete our contact form and we can start the conversation.

The cleaner

the better.

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Your world, the world,

the cleaner the better

Your world,

the world,

the cleaner 

the better

One off

Deep clean 

Sometimes you just need to give everything a complete once over to revive your space. The positive impact this can have on your employees and customers is huge.

Your fresh start begins with our Deep Clean.​


  • Pre-Opening Clean

  • Sparkle Clean

  • Kitchen Deep Cleans


Contract Clean

Starting a new venture and looking for a cleaning partner you can count on? 


Need a team to raise the standards of your regular cleaning and bring the sparkle back to your space?


  • Floor maintenance 

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

Our Services

Our Mission:

Supporting multi-site hospitality venues to create and maintain a sparkling clean brand image for the betterment of teams and guests experience.

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