Deep values


We are open and transparent in everything we do. We are confident we are a company that people can trust and rely on. 

We have the highest respect for our people, our clients, our community, and our planet. We’re genuinely passionate about equal opportunities for all, and we treat others with respect and dignity at all times. 


We know that your surroundings can affect your mood, productivity, and everyday wellbeing.

​A clean, safe space gives you confidence, puts your mind at ease, so you can focus on what you do best. 


Cleanliness gives you more confidence in your environment as it fosters more positive, healthier experiences, relationships and lifestyles.

We have a healthy attitude to business too. We are committed to being the best we can be, always delivering the highest standards in service, while looking to improve in all areas of our work. 

B Corp

Be even more confident with LemonTree and B Corps 

Only businesses with the highest standards of social and environmental performance are eligible for a B Corps certificate.


LemonTree is on the path to B Corp full Certification, which certifies companies worldwide, because of the positive impact on customers, workers, community and the environment.


We are committed to creating good jobs and a healthier environment by reducing poverty and inequality, creating a sustainable, inclusive economy.


Meaning you can be confident that every decision we make will help our people, the planet and most importantly, you, our client. 

We have a simple motto 

‘We are not in the cleaning business-

We are in the people business’.

My name is Julio and I am the Founder of LemonTree. 


So why LemonTree?

A tree is a symbol of strength in nature that gives shelter to all. 


A lemon is one of nature’s greatest natural cleaning elements. 


It’s our name because we stand for something more than just being a cleaning company.


We want to help and support companies and individuals to feel more confident in their work spaces, to bring out the best in their teams and the enhance customer experience. 


I am confident that LemonTree can do that better than most. I have worked in hospitality for over 20 years, so I know the positive impact of a safe clean welcoming  environment has on a team and customers. 


Our goal is to become London’s most trusted Commercial Cleaning Company, providing excellent results for our clients and an inclusive and rewarding environment for our team.


I believe this will be achieved with our unique approach to cleaning called ConfidenceClean.

We have faced many challenges since launching in 2020 and have enjoyed great success in overcoming them. 

This has given us a confidence to know that we have a unique service to offer clients.



Family Tree